Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wednesday August 22, 2007

Day 6. The police are lining the streets. At every corner stands a slim sentry guarding his post for the next 16 hours. There are others, walking, over there, carrying rifles. The president is visiting Victoria Falls today.

More art projects today.
The kids made masks to take home. They had such fun seeing themselves in the pictures.
They also made a likeness of themselves by coloring people shapes.

Here's Cindy painting the chalkboards

Home visits via donkey cart again today. Saw little Kudawashe,
one of the boys that mom's salad group is sponsoring. He is absolutely adorable. What a stroke of luck (fate?) that he lived in a homestead near the one that we were visiting. He followed us for a while and I gave him a piggyback ride. He is so cute.

Here's the road we follow each day back to Vic Falls.
Tracked some elephants through the bush along this road tonight (that's them in the bush). That was fun!

Dinner at The Boma tonight. The strolling singers sang Happy Birthday to Jack. Surprise! Had our faces painted and banged on the drums. Such fun!

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