Monday, September 3, 2007

Tuesday August 28, 2007

Day 11. Overnight in the village tonight!

Here's Langton securing the tarp on our truck. Love that guy.

And here's Judge securing the other side of the tarp. Do we have enough supplies? Not yet...we've got a lot of shopping to do in Vic Falls for the festival. Michael, that's your scuba bag on top of the heap!

Now for the groceries! Word has it that Jack had to take a little nibble out of the carrots because they were too close to his mouth. Mmm hmm. Likely story, Jack!

And then here's poor Mark. This is just prior to packing the cookies under his neck - and before we got stopped by the police because we "looked unsafe".

And here's the entire view of the truck, fully stocked. Well, you can't see Cindy, Godfrey, Langton or me. Cindy is sitting next to Jack in the backseat, Langton is next to Cindy, and I'm kind of sprawled across all of their laps. Godfrey, bless his soul, is driving.

Here's Tonny, the hearing impaired little boy, reading

Thank you, Stephen Knoll, DDS, Saratoga Springs, for donating the teeth model and giant toothbrush. After a brief lesson on proper oral hygiene, the children each took a turn with the model. While they were waiting their turn, they colored some pictures related to teeth.

Jack putting the finishing touches on the wiring for the clinic.

Here's one of the children on the home care visits. We stayed out visiting patients until about 6PM.

Here's a picture of the full moon in the village. Now we're heading to Yayani's homestead for the night.

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