Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thursday August 23, 2007

These are the forgotten people. Today is a difficult day for me.

After a visit to the secondary school to pick up the art projects, Cindy and I were dropped off at the end of the road to find Joseph, an elderly man who needed drops in his eyes. While there, we massaged his feet with some lotion.

Along the way, people stopped us to ask for help. "My baby is sick. Vomitting and diarrhea." "Could you help my mother? Her back." "Joseph lives right down here."

"What did you do to your foot?" Massive hole and cellulitis afflicted a young woman's lower right leg. When asked how long she had had this problem, she replied, "Three years." THREE YEARS?? How can this be?

A baby with an umbilical hernia (?)

How does this happen? How does a community become completely forgotten? Or a better question, where would these people be if we were not here to help them?

Saw some very serious sores on a young girl in the clinic. Not sure what these are. The string around the waist, we were told, is used to bring about good health and pray for healing.

Dinner tonight at The Safari Lodge. Saw a herd of buffalo at the watering hole. We're all feeling guilty about eating right now, when these people we care so much about are going hungry. Something is just not right here.

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