Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tuesday August 21, 2007

Poor donkeys. What a life they have here in the village. Today is our first day to travel to the homesteads with the home health workers. I'm now pushing the cart to help the donkeys plod through this dry, dusty, heavy sand. Who would have ever thought I would be pushing a donkey cart through a remote village in Africa?

Saw some interesting things today on our visits.

  • a woman with a goiter

  • a woman who fell off a donkey cart and had several gashes to her legs

        • a woman with an interesting eczema-like rash on her legs

        • A family consisting of a toddler, her grandmother and her great grandmother.

        • The women of this 3-member family were cooking some elephant bones that a poacher had left behind (click on the picture for the full effect). Their meal consisted of these bones in water. Godfrey gave them some money. They have no means to find food.

                                  • One of the patients wanted to have her fingernails painted. She was in her glory with her pink nails. It's amazing what pleasure a simple act of kindness can bring.

                                  Dinner at the lodge tonight.

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