Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friday August 17, 2007

Tiring night. Slept a bit on the plane and now we're in London! It's 8:30AM and we don't have to be back here until 6 or so this evening for our 8:30PM departure.

Stowed the carry on bags and we're off! Decided to take the London Underground Piccadilly Circus line to Piccadilly Circus then catch the double decker bus. Adam, our Canadian tour guide was terrific. Learned a lot about the city and saw lots of the sites that Denise and I saw in 1999. I love this city!
There's Big Ben!
There's the Tower of London!
Look! It's the London Eye!

Visited The Minories Pub
near the Tower of London for fish and chips and a frosty beer. We're
all a bit tipsy since we haven't really slept.

A lovely boat ride on the Thames River, then it's back on the tube for our trip back to Heathrow.

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