Monday, September 3, 2007

Saturday August 25, 2007

Poor Happiness (Mtogo). He looks tired, doesn't he? We're heading out to the village. He's got all the bread with him that we'll be distributing to the children at lunch time today. Oh! And check out his fancy glove (click on any picture to make larger). My friend Patti made it. It's a lovely puppet for the children, but Happiness loved wearing it. The one he's sporting here is "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

Yippee! I'm able to hang the posters that my students from last year's class designed for the classroom walls of the primary school. Here I am showing off the map of Europe:

Here's Godfrey putting the finishing touches on the sunflower wall in the library. The children can see themselves in the mirrors.

And here's Bernard, the Deputy Headmaster, adding some final paint strokes to the wall. Those guys loved to paint!

And here's Happiness looking, well, darn happy I'd say! He's washing the blackboards prior to repainting them. I honestly didn't know they made blackboard paint! Personally, I think he's thinking about the puppet for the ride home.

It's time to help the donkeys again on our home care visits. Here's one of the home health workers with a couple of the people in one of the homesteads. If you click on this picture you can see how the one donkey is resting its head on the other's back. Too cute.

Well, I just had to take a picture of this little guy. He looks just like my kitty Titus, albeit a little slimmer, but it's a pretty good likeness. The cats looked pretty healthy in the village. Must be a lot of mice and snakes for them to nibble on.

Here's a dad and one of his little boys (his older boy is in the previous picture with the donkeys). He's holding a tool for carving. This gentleman was in one of the homesteads we visited. He happens to be Bibiano's father. Sadly, he showed up in the clinic a couple of days later. When I asked him if everything was all right, if he needed medical attention, he said he was fine, he just wanted to know what day we were leaving, as Bibiano had told him that I was taking her back to America. Words can't describe how I felt when I told him we couldn't take children back with us.

This little guy was in another homestead. It appears he's trying to ride on the giant elephant carving. Giddyap!

Mark at his finest!

This little baby is wearing one of the friendship bracelets (around his neck) that my students from last year made!

Well, we went on Safari tonight - just for a quick jaunt into the bush. I acquired a new nickname tonight. The lovely lady pictured here was with the other lions in an enclosed area. Don't ask. I think you all know how I don't approve of animals in enclosed spaces - it's Africa for Pete's sake! Can you say "tourist attraction"?

Here's a white rhino. Pretty cool. Leathery. Dry.

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